Peapod – Possibly The Cutest Electric Car Uses iPod / iPhone as Key and Display

peapod-iphone-1Do you like impossibly cute tech?

Do you like convergence?

Do you like low emission transport?

You’ve totally lucked out this morning!

Meet the incredibly cute Peapod mini-car 🙂

The Peapod is Chrysler’s GEM electric car aimed at ‘neighbourhoods’ (read “gated communities”) and even features an iPod/iPhone dock in the middle of the dash.

The smiley-faced Peapod will run at 25 miles per hour with just a 30-mile range per battery charge, which can be reloaded using a standard electrical plug in six to eight hours.

But, according to Autoblog Green, there’s more to that iPhone docking station it seems.

As well as dishing out the sounds and monitoring EV usage your iPhone becomes a key kinda like the Rinspeed iChange but less sporty.

“Simply dock your iPod for a fun, cutting edge way to start up. Exclusive software designed exclusively for Peapod turns your iPod into a key. Both options are interchangeable and secure,” – so says the car manual.

I have to admit that the iPhone car key seems to be more novelty than needed but I like the idea of just having to check my pockets for one thing and not two – I’m in fact more likely to forget my car keys than my phone to be honest.

More importantly – how cute is Peapod?