PC vs Console – the never ending war

console vs pcWith a number of new consoles on the market such as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, gamers will no doubt be wondering whether it’s worth the investment. Having grown up with everything from a SuperNes to Sega Saturn I have a good understanding of the console eco system. While consoles have come and gone, there has always been a rivalry between the console and PC worlds. There are countless arguments for which are better, and in my opinion there is indeed a clear winner. So without further ado – here is our view on the PC vs console debate.


The costs of consoles and PC’s have always varied hugely yet on the whole they have both been expensive. Despite this, the exponential growth of the tech industry has seen technology rapidly become more powerful and more affordable. On the whole I think PCs represent better value in that they can be easily upgraded for better performance and also have a secondary use as a non-gaming computer. Consoles cost around £400 which on the whole is cheaper than your average gaming rig. That being said, consoles have a limited shelf life. If you consider the product life-cycle lasts an average of four years, it means that you’ll need to buy the latest console further down the line. With a PC all you have to do is upgrade select parts!

Xbox One


The latest generation of consoles are impressive, for once getting close to the type of performance PC gamers have been used to. In fact, the latest consoles are claiming to achieve full 60fps performance. If you consider that you’ll need to be spending at least £800 for a high performance gaming PC that will be able to run the latest games at that frame rate, the latest consoles present great value in terms of performance.

If money is no object then we think the PC is by far the best option and with the ability to use multiple graphics cards there is very little limit to what performance you can achieve. Compare Battlefield 4 on the PS4 and PC and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.



When it comes to being able to play the latest titles, console gamers have a huge advantage. One of the PC’s biggest weaknesses is that titles are released much later than for consoles as seen in the latest Grand Theft Auto which has not yet been released for PC despite it having been out for months. Rockstar recently announced its due out this coming ‘fall’. That being said, there are a large amount of titles that are PC exclusive, especially MMO’s such as World of Warcraft. It’s worth looking at the titles you like before choosing one or the other as there will no doubt be a wealth of information telling you which is better suited. Be sure to check out GAME’s release calendar to see which titles are coming.



Online gaming is a massive consideration when choosing a PC or console. Online gaming is definitely synonymous with PC gaming with games such as Counter Strike and StarCraft being responsible for defining the online gaming landscape. Consoles have definitely caught up in terms of online capability and you won’t be experiencing connection dropouts or lack of service anymore. In my opinion PC’s still hold the crown for online gaming, especially when you consider that a mouse and keyboard create a much more precise gaming experience.


It’s safe to say that there are good arguments for both sides hence it all really depends on your gaming style and the types of titles you like. If you’re a MMO fan then I think PC is the only way to go. If you enjoy single player games and want a simple and easy way to play then a console is probably the best option. Social gamers are probably also best suited to consoles as you can play LAN/online multiplayer off one single machine. If you want pure performance go for a PC, if you want pick up and play fun without all the complex setup – you’ll love a console.