PC Toaster – Hot Bread Drive

This must rate as one of the oddest puter add-ons!

It’s only $29.99 (!!!) and you can get them from CrazyPC now!. 

It’s a toaster (no, really!) that fits in your spare drive bay.  Not sure about the crumbs rattling around your puter case but hey: Toasty-bready-goodness a-go-go!

  • Fits in a standard 5.25 drive bay
  • Toasts bread in just minutes (bread sold separately – or why not bake your own)
  • Requires available USB port and 4 pin Molex power connector
  • Attractive aluminum finish face plate…….yeah, whatever!
  • Windows based software interface controls variables for time duration and heat intensity (Mac OS version coming soon!)
  • Includes crumb tray for easy clean-up! (ahhhh)
  • Easy to Install
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Air ducting ventilation exhausts hot air out of the back of case. Requires a free PCI slot.

I can’t wait for the chilled butter CD tray follow-up 😉

Does anyone else think that this is a thing of beauty?