PayTag from Barclaycard Brings NFC Payments to Every Mobile Phone [video]

Barclaycard Paytag Mobile Phone NFCBarclaycard has just announced PayTag – a new wireless payment system which can be used on any mobile phone – even budget non-smartphones.

Swipe-to-pay looks like it’s coming to all mobile phones thanks to PayTag from Barclaycard.

In its simplest terms, PayTag is tantamount to gaffer-taping the wireless part of your Barclaycard to the back of your phone.

Once attached to the blower of your choice you will then be able to use it for contactless payments of up to £15 (£20 from June) in shops like Eat, Boots, Tesco and more that make up a total 100,000 locations that are growing to 150,000 by the end of the year.

PayTag will be available to each and every Barclaycard customer by the end of 2012.

You could well be using the PayTag system to buy over-priced food and mementos at the London Olympics – just imagine that!

I just love the way that Barclays, without even cracking a smile, assures adopters that if they lose the PayTag they can easily cancel it – over the phone.

Hmmm… and the tag is attached to your..? DOH!

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