Paxis backpack keeps your gadgets to hand

paxis in actionBackpacks are a necessity when hiking and camping but whenever you need to grab something quickly you have to take it off, undo at least some zips, and then get what you want. And then, you have to do it all again in reverse. No longer, thanks to Paxis.

Paxis has designed a new backpack that gives you immediate access to your most important items without having to remove the entire pack – but in a fairly novel way.

Paxis backpacks have a special shuttle pod section at the bottom that can swing to the front of your body in one swift motion using what Paxis calls ARC swing technology.

Paxis swing podWhen you’re done with the shuttle pod, you just swing it back around to the back of the pack and it will lock securely in place. Simple genius.

The Paxis backpack is made from a water resistant NYLAR Ballistic fabric with waterproof zippers, base and a free standing design.

Paxis backpacks are priced from $239 up to $275 depending on size and style. The appear to deliver worldwide, so great news for us in the UK.

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