Paul Teutul Sr Shows Off Eco-Friendly Electric Orange County Smart Chopper

siemens-smart-chopperPaul Teutul Sr. – bless him.

He’s big, shouty and everything a designer and maker of some of the coolest choppers every should be – I’m just glad I don’t work for him!

Well, public speaking may not be his fortay but he is no doubt proud of his latest futuristic creation.

The Siemens Smart Chopper has a 27hp electric motor and a top speed of over 100mph while still managing 60 miles after a 5 hour 110v charge.

It sports LED lighting and recycled components as well as water-based paints for the body.

There’s obvious styling cues that show it was all designed and put together at the OCC shop and, personally, this is the way the future should go.

At $1,000,000 (as to whether Mr Teutul was joking or not it’s hard to tell) I’d still rather ride this than the Zero S have a look at the video below and marvel at the silly Fox news presenters 😉

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