Parrot Disco drone adds expert manual flying mode

parrot-disco-bundleWe have written about Parrot’s Disco drone a few times. Now, the company has created an offer especially designed for both beginner and expert model aircraft enthusiasts.

It might be a little off-putting if you have clocked up loads of hours flying radio-controlled aircraft only to see someone pick up a clever drone and fly like a pro.

Likewise, experienced flyers might not want to fly someone that, in essence, takes the fun/risk out of the equation. Much like the way skilled drivers will switch off all the smart driving assistance tech.

Disco for pros and beginners

Parrot now allows experts and enthusiasts to connect their own RC transmitter (SBus, Sumd or CPPM protocols) to the Parrot Disco and take total control of the fixed-wing drone in RC.

Piloting modes

Two piloting modes are now available, perfect for any level of experience.

Parrot Disco drone manual controlFurthermore, you will be able to switch from one mode to another very easily and at any time while flying.

Assisted Mode:

Firstly, this is the mode for beginners and hobbyists who want to get into piloting a fixed-wing.

In this mode, you get the unmatched computing power and advanced autopilot offered by Parrot C.H.U.C.K. This secures each phase of the flight, from take-off to landing.

[youtube id=”VNCm8eZryck”]

Parrot C.H.U.C.K. collects and analyses data from numerous sensors such as Pitot Tube (air speed), inertial navigation system, and GNSS module. With this information it adapts the parameters of the flight to prevent stalling when the pilot makes a critical manoeuver.

Using the FreeFlight Pro app for smartphones and tablets on iOS/Android, you are able to accesses the calibration tool for the controller. Here you can customise each button and joystick.

Not only that, you can adjust the settings of the Parrot Disco. For instance, define a flying area (maximum altitude, minimum altitude and distance) and so activate a geofence.

For optimum safety, the ‘Return Home’ feature makes it possible for Parrot Disco to automatically return above its take-off position.

Manual Mode:

Secondly, this is the one for model aircraft experts.

Selecting Manuel Mode, the Parrot C.H.U.C.K. (Control Hub & Universal Computer for Kit) is deactivated.

The aircraft’s stability, speed optimisation, and flight altitude are fully controlled by the pilot from their radio controller.

[youtube id=”srqLpBbJWs8″ ]

This hands total control to you without any flight assistance. Furthermore, this means it’s now down to you and your own ability to perform stunts and aerial acrobatics.

However, if things get a bit hairy out there, you can switch to the assisted piloted mode at any time.

Parrot Disco camera

Additionally, the drone’s front-mounted full HD 14MP camera will record each flight. Images are automatically stored on the fixed-wing’s 32 GB Flash memory and can be downloaded, watched and shared.

Price and availability

The Parrot Disco fixed wing drone comes with one battery. This offers up to 45min flight time.

It is available from June 2017 at with a MSRP of £699.99