Parrot AR.Drone Mixes iPhone, Augmented Reality and Wi-Fi Controlled Helicopter to Make Want!

Say hello to the latest reason to get excited if you own an iPhone.

Using the handsets accelerometer and connecting via Wi-Fi you can fly the Parrot AR.Drone!

As if that wasn’t cool enough it has two on-board cameras that beam a pilots-eye view right to your phones screen.

This means that you don’t need to see the craft in order to pilot it – the great outdoor beckons!

If you do loose connection then autopilot kicks in to gently land the drone.

If you’d rather stay in the safety of home then you can use the included foam propeller hubs to avoid injuring pets, loved ones and decor.

Now for the best bit! Yup, it gets better!

The AR part of the name stands for the very 2010 Augmented-reality.

This enables you to create race circuits around your area that are superimposed onto the iPhones display as well as giving you a variety of games that involve shooting robots, dodging lasers and dog-fighting with another chopper.

Being AR there’s every chance that you could fly against anyone, anywhere in the world!

No doubt developers will be working on something seeing as Parrot has also released an API (Application Programming Interface) for the little blighter.

Parrot say that the AR.Drone is “affordable” but that’s the only hint on pricing at the moment. It’s due for release later this year and you can sign up for email updates at the Parrot Web site.

Check out the vid below and prepare to want!