Parasound JC3 Junior unleashed at Indulgence 2017

jC3 junior lifestyleParasound have announced that they will be unveiling their new JC3 Junior phono stage at Indulgence this weekend.

It sounds like yesterday’s opening day of the Indulgence Show being held in Hammersmith, London went really well.

Additionally to that, Parasound have launched their new JC3 phono amp.

Parasound JC3 Junior

Audio legend, John Curl has been designing the very finest phono preamplifiers for over 30 years. Now, this new JC3 ‘Junior’ version of the highly renowned JC3+ will be his most compact and affordable yet. Do not, however, misinterpret that as being cheap.

parasound jc3 junior black angleWith turntable and vinyl sales still growing this new phono preamp boasts a plethora of unrivalled features.

I am talking about 50 to 550 ohm continuously variable MC impedance, a mono switch to improve the sound of older vinyl and a Carl Thompson designed circuit board. Nice.Very nice indeed.

parasound jc3 junior silver frontThe JC3 Junior specification boasts RIAA accuracy to within 0.2dB, S/N ratio up to 94dB and THD below 0.02%.

Low level circuitry is housed in isolated sub enclosures. Furthermore, the design uses branded audiophile components, from the likes of Vishay-Dale, Vampire and Neutrik, throughout.

parasound jc3 junior silver portsCatering for a wide range of MM and MC cartridges, the JC3 Junior features selectable gain output, 24kt gold plated balanced and single ended output terminals, and a 12v trigger.

Price and availability

The new JC3 Junior is available in Silver or Black and will be available in the UK from October at an SRP of £2,199.00.

I told you it wasn’t cheap. However, it could be value for money depending on your system.

Be sure to check it out at Indulgence, at the Hammersmith Novotel this weekend.