Paradigm Shift Full Colour Touchscreen eReaders for £125 – CES 2010

It looks like the eReader tag is going to get as confusing as the Netbook is.

My understanding was that an eReader was an e-Ink sporting tablet-esque gadget whos main purpose was to save me carting magazines, newspapers and a load of paperbacks around with me.

Is the gadgety thing still an eReader when it has a colour screen for viewing photos and playing YouTube videos and can play MP3s?

Go ask Paradigm Shift!

Paradigm Shift are bringing two of their confusing eReaders to CES next week: The 5 inch EER-051 and 7 inch EER-071WF. Catchy names eh?

The EER-051 is the more eReadery of the two – it comes with 1GB of flash memory and an SD card slot and will do what you’d expect an eReader to do.

The 7 inch EER-071WF ticks along on Windows CE and will be touchscreen-tastic and the WF points to the fact that it’s also Wi-Fi enabled. This is the one that will get you YouTube, chat to friends using E-Buddy and read Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF documents. You get 2GB internal memory and more thanks to the microSD card slot.

Both of these eReaders will play nice with ANSI, Unicode TXT, DOC, PDF, HTML, FB2, PDB and EPUB ebook formats whilst the 071WF adds a few more.

These Paradigm Shift readers will be available in February: The 5 inch EER-051 will cost $150 (white, blue, periwinkle (?!?), pink, black and silver) and the 7 inch EER-071WF (black and white) for $200 (£125).

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