Panasonic Lumix Phone Lands Official – Hit or Miss?

You know when you picture what something’s going to look in your mind like only to be slightly confused by what ends up facing you in reality?

I was looking forward to checking out what Panasonic’s Lumix Phone was going to look like. I imagined something taking the style and functionality from the much-loved Lumix camera range coupled with a mid-high range mobile phone.

In reality what I’m faced with appears to be a low-range Sony Ericsson slider with a (hopefully) decent 13MP camera. I have to admit that the back of the phone does have a hint of Lumix but still not convinced by the front.

The camera-phone broke cover at CEATEC in Japan today but noone has managed to have a grope as the phone’s are guarded by a case – hence the ‘hopefully’ regarding the photo capabilities.

Perhaps they look better in real-life.

Thankfully the Lumix website has been updated showing that the phone will be available in blue, pink, gold and black.

The Lumix Phone features a 3.3″ VGA LCD and measures 116 x 52 x 17.7mm.

I’m thinking Japan only hand-set – check out the video below and let me know your thoughts.

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