Panasonic Lumix Camera Phone – 13.2 MP Anyone?

Oooo… Panasonic – you big tease!

I’ve enjoyed using Panasonic’s Lumix snappers and now the Panasonic Japan seem to be looking to unleash a Lumix mobile phone 🙂

The Lumix Phone will be equipped with a 3.3 inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and DLNA which will allow you to blaze your pics on to your TV sans wires.

Obviously all eyes will be on the camera. The Lumix Phone will brag a 13.2 megapixel snapper which will damped the touchpaper of Nokia’s N8 and its 12-megapixel number.

All that tech will be shoved into a 17.7mm thick handset that weigh’s in at 146g – so, no chance of you forgetting that it’s in your pocket then 😉

More details tomorrow by the looks of things.

If it came to these shores would you be interested?

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