Panasonic Jungle Gaming Device Soon will be Amongst US!

Cast your mind back to the very start of October when I brought you news of a new MMORPG handheld gaming device being put together by Panasonic – yup, I’m talking about Jungle.

Well, since then it went all kinds of quiet until some lucky folk started receiving emails asking for testers!

Could this mean that very soon there’ll be real Jungles out in the wild?

The email says that the system is firmly “committed to the cloud and web-based content, the free-to-play movement, social and community-based gaming, and new forms of digital entertainment.”

Nothing else really is given away in the email – except that you need to be living stateside in order to be in with a chance of being a test pilot 🙁

If they’re despatched during the next few weeks it could well be Jungle Bells for some!


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