Panasonic In-Car Blu-Ray System to be Released This Year

panasonic-in-car-blu-raySomething lacking in your in-car entertainment set-up?

Have a hankering for HD movies when stuck in traffic?

Well has Panasonic got something for you! 🙂

They’ve only gone and sorted out an in-car Blu-Ray player!

The CN-HX900D is a Windows powered GPS, CD and DVD player with a 5 channel amp that also sports Bluetooth, a One-Seg tuner, 7 inch LCD (1,280×720), 40GB hard drive and iPhone / iPod compatibility.

Once you’ve got all that you’ll need to hook it up with the CY-BB1000D which is the optional Blu-Ray player that supports everything except Blu-Live.

There’s no prices for either units as yet but they should be out and about in the Autumn.