Panasonic G1 – So Simple To Use I Almost Won A Competition!

You may have read my review about the Panasonic G1 a week or so ago.

I was impressed and found it pretty easy to use – this comes from someone who basically points and shoots.

The people that Panasonic allowed to run rampant with the pre-production models in order to review and feedback to the company were offered a chance to win one of these beasties.

Well, in for a penny……

I entered the pic that you can see above which, to be honest, took me 25 minutes to take (including the walk to the top of Primrose Hill and back!).

8am on a cold, blustery morning with the threat of rain I quickly snapped a few pics (the rest are on my Flickr page if you’re interested).

Well, long story short – I didn’t win.  I don’t get a free Panasonic G1 four-thirds camera.

But I did come in second place!!!!

Surly a testament to how easy the G1 is to use 🙂