Panasonic Fukitorimushi – Robotic Worm Floor Cleaner

robo-swiffIf you have hardwood floors and love robots to do the tedious task of wiping up after you then the Fukitorimushia floor-cleaning robot should be on top of your wishlist.

It inches along wriggling your floor clean like a cleaning compulsive caterpillar.

The Fukitorimushi (“wipe-up bug”) has been thought-up by Panasonic and is wrapped-up in a sticky nanocloth sleeve which collects dust and debris as the robot crawls, worm-style, across the floor.

The Fukitorimushi has sensors that seek out dirt and focuses on those problem areas – probably around the sofas and dining table 😉

It looks great with a few of them creeping about the floor – I hope that there’ll be different coloured cloths and perhaps stick-on googley eyes available on release…………….

There’s no word on price or availability yet, but if a robo-worm wiping your wood (ooooer!) is what your dreams are made of check the video below.