Panasonic Este is easy on your tired eyes – his and hers versions

panasonic eyes este pinkBeing stuck in front of a monitor for most of the day, and then a tablet or smartphone screen during the commute and then the TV, laptop, phone and tablet on an evening can leave your peepers pooped. Panasonic has announced the latest range in their ‘eyes Este’ range with the EH-SW51 designed specifically for women and the men’s EH-SW52.

Panasonic launched the EH-SW50 eye rhythm instrument back in September and, according to the company, surpassed as much as 200,000 sales as of June this year. With the SW51 and SW52 they’ve made some improvements and designed them to be gender-specific, beyond the pink and grey colouring.

The EH-SW51 “Moisture Type” has been upgraded and now provides a better steam treatment. The ‘Water Plate’ system produces around 10% more steam through heating an aluminium plate which also makes the device lighter and more comfortable. The improvements means that the EH-SW51 will provide more moisture to soothe the eyes.

panasonic eyes este greyThe second device, called the “Reflation Type” EH-SW52, is aimed at men. It features a changeable rhythm mode system and can be adjusted easily to provide the best comfort from the steam generated.

The ‘eyes Este’ are designed to be used for 6 minutes to recharge your eyes, but can be used for up to 12 minutes.

The units will last for up to one hour on a full charge and weighs just 180g.

It’s due to release at the beginning of September where both models will be priced at about $180 (18,000 YEN).

Would you, or do you, use something like this?

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