Panasonic 4K AX802 TVs get Netflix Ultra-High Definition streaming

ax802If you are lucky enough to already own a Panasonic AX802 TV or were waiting until they were hooked up to the Ultra High Definition shows of Netflix 4K – well, thanks to a firmware update, it’s all go.

The free firmware update will allow users to stream programmes such as House of Cards and Breaking Bad in 4K with a compatible broadband connection, and it is available right now. The AX802s will automagically receive the update when they’re connected to the internet.

This happens just in time for the start of a new Netflix original series, Marco Polo, which will be available to stream in 4K from next month (December).

If you are eyeing up the AX902 series of Panasonic TVs as the perfect Christmas present to yourself, then you will be pleased to know the TVs are capable of streaming Netflix 4K content out of the box.

Stay tuned as GadgetyNews will be getting one of these fab 4K televisions to live with for a while to review as part of the Viera VIP Club!

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