Paintball Tank – The Colour of Pain

I can remember my brother coming home from piantballing covered in bruises but sporting that grin that says he was actually enjoying this form of ‘friendly fire’.

Now, this is more my thing:

The Paintball Panzer from Funtrak is a mini-tank that will spew forth colourful death (well, pain at least) whilst keeping your body haematoma free!

The integrated paintball gun is designed to fire while driving so there’s no need to stop and aim - all this from the safety of that reinforced plastic shell 😀

To try out the Panzer, there are four locations in the UK which features them on their paintball circuits.

These road-legal tanks will take about 3 months to arrive after you’ve placed your order and cost from £8,300 for a basic model.

Yeah that’s alot of cash but just think about the look on the next drunken swines face when he decides that your rose-bush is the ideal place to use as a latrine on the stagger home as your garage door opens to reveal your own tank….

Source: Funtrak