Paid to Kill – the Kwari way

Kwari Cash

This is Kwari.  A first person shooter that rewards you with real cash money for success.

Looking at the site and the promo vid clips it looks like the developers have put some thought into the game and pay engine. The most important part I think is an anti-cheating system which, if fool proof, could be pretty rewarding in itself for Kwari’s writers. 


The game features challenges, traps (which drain your money), in-game cash prizes and pickups and something called The Pill, which is like a super game jackpot. 

A very interesting aspect of Kwari is the way the game deals with the uber-players out there.  The developers claim to have completely leveled the playing field so that n00bs have as good a chance to earn some folding as seasoned gamers.  This is something that I’ll have to check out!

Here’s some blurb:

Kwari has been designed with a singular purpose in mind – to give you the opportunity to translate your shooter skills into some serious cash. Everything about the game has been tailored to that effect…We generate money from the game purely through the sale of ammo. The price has not been finalised yet, but it will not be expensive – after all, charging too much to play the game would severely dampen the interest in playing it. The ideal that we’re working towards is that the cost of ammo will be significantly outweighed by a successful, profitable single match.

Kwari Via Red Ferret