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Apple iPhone X event in 5 easy steps

Apple held its usual hype-fest at its new Cupertino headquarters last night. There they unveiled its latest lineup of gadgets and software. However, could this be the first time in quite a while that we’ve seen Apple innovate once more? If you have 2 hours to spare then feel free to sit through the entire […]

Urbanista Seattle headphones review

Dave took the Urbanista Berlin for a spin and was, well, let’s say unconvinced. Is the Urbanista Seattle any better, or are these wireless headphones as grungy as the name implies? Urbanista are looking to provide headphones and earphones that are well-designed whilst keeping them affordable. Naturally, you have to make savings somewhere. Dave discovered […]

Dragonfly Futurefon – the dual screened tablet, phone and laptop all-in-one

Idealfuture, or IF, has taken the all-in-one idea a step further by creating a smartphone, laptop and tablet hybrid called the Dragonfly Futurefön. The Dragonfly Futurefön is equipped dual 7-inch screens and packs a folding QWERTY keyboard. The Dragonfly Futurefön is able to adapt to what you need at any given time as the hardware […]

Portal – the flexible wearable smartphone

A lot of us look back at the days when you could accidentally drop your mobile phone without having to then replace its screen and other parts. Ah, Nokia 1310. With all the hullabaloo surrounding the iPhone 6 Plus and #bendgate, how about a phone that’s designed to bend and flex? How about the wearable […]

AKG Y-series headphones to beat Dr Dre’s cans

Now, I love the understated quality of both my AKG K830BT and AKG K450 cans but it seems that the Austrian audio house has taken a leaf out of the Beats Big Book of Urban success with their über colourful AKG Y-Series. If you manage to look past the in-your-face styling of the Y50s, and […]

Paperfold smartphone unfolds three screens, converts to 3D printer display

Where some are looking in to how to make smartwatches easier to use, others see that more can be done with smartphones and this innovative prototype, the PaperFold shape-changing smartphone, could change the game once more. The clever folks from Canada’s Queen University, Human Media Lab, who brought you the curved-display funkiess of the PaperPhone […]