OZO Easy Glider – Get Dragged Around on an Electric Chariot, or Skates, or Skateboard

The Yike is cool and, to me, says upmarket – even city.

If you’re looking for something more ‘urban’ may I take this opportunity to introduce OZO’s Easy Glider?

It looks like Mad Max’s chariot but this electric transport is fairly portable and can be used with your skateboard, in-lines or even your unicycle as well as the ‘Char’ – that’s the little chariot bit by-the-way 😉

The Easy Glider comes in kids and adult guises and the 360W motor will drag you for somewhere between six and 12 miles at a top speed of 20kph

It weighs around 32kg and stopping comes thanks to brakes on both front and back wheels (if you have the Char hooked up) – it even uses the downhill mometum to recharge the batteries as you go.

My favourite bit is the fact that it has a soundsystem! Attach your mp3 player of choice to the integrated steeringbar and connect it to the sound system. 4×10 watt speakers will provide your choooooonz!

Thanks to the foldable steeringbar and the compact size of only 50 x 30 cm, the easyglider can be shoved in most car boots should the British weather turn nasty and you’re offered a lift.

The adult version comes in five different colours and costs £725

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