Oyster Pass for iPhone iOS 6 Passbook

Oyster Passbook ios 6If you have updated to iOS 6 on your mobile Apple device, whether it’s an iPhone or iPad you will have noticed that Passbook isn’t that useful in the UK just yet. Oyster Pass for use with Transport of London’s tube, train and bus travel card is set to change that.

Passbook on iOS 6 does look handy but, short of adding my Starbucks cards to it, it is fairly redundent at the moment.

Oyster Pass is a neat idea for us London-based iOS 6 users which allows you to view your remaining Oyster card balance as a ticket within the new app for iOS devices.

It’s currently a beta service which you can join in with by slipping your email address in on the site. This will send you a link inviting you get on board.

Once you’ve done that you’ll simply need to visit the site on your iOS device and enter your username and password for your Oyster card account to put the Pass into the Passbook app.

As well as displaying your Oyster Card balance it also gives you a glimpse of what having your Oyster Card integrated with your iPhone would look like.

I can only hope that this will be the next step.

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