Oxygen Audio O’Car Makes iPhone Your ICE Head Unit

Having your MP3 player/iPod hook-up to your car stereo is nothing new.

How about your iPhone becoming the lift off panel of your ICE?

With SUBSET looking to buy a tour van, and with three out of the four of us being iPhone owners, I so want to install Oxygen Audio’s O’Car head unit as soon as we get one!

Click your iPhone into the O’car and your Apple handheld becomes the car’s main audio interface.

Control stuff such as Internet radio, GPS navigation, Bluetooth hands free calling as well as all your videos and apps – I’m guessing mentioning that you can play the tracks from your iPhone would be a tad obvious – but you can!

The O’Car unit has AM/FM/RDS radio and a 4 x 55 watt built-in amp. You’re even able to adjust the mount to tilt your iPhone towards you or quickly switch from landscape and portrait modes.

Pricewise you’re looking at $299 for the European version (FM/MW radio) or $349 for the American version which comes with AM/FM radio in March.

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