Own Your Own Cray Computer – Now Reality!

If someone asked, “would you want your own supercomputer?” chances are you’d say “…err….yeah, why not?”

Well, that seems to be the thinking behind Cray’s ‘domestic’ offering as they appear to want One Supercomputer Per Home (kind of an upgrade to the OLPC).

The Cray CX1 Supercomputer comes loaded with Windows HPC Server 2008 and incorporates up to 8 nodes and 16 Intel Xeon CPUs (dual- or quad-core); additionally, it boasts up to 4TB of internal storage, 64GB of memory per node and interoperates nicely with Linux. The CX1 is said to be the most affordable supercomputer offered by Cray (not to mention the “world’s highest-performing computer that uses standard office power”).

Sounds fantastic until you see the price tag fluttering between $25,000 to well over $60,000.