Own Halo Weaponary! Laser Pursuit Style

You love Halo?  You got quite excited when the weapons were shown at CES?

Corgi is going to bring them over to the UK!!! 

The Laser Pursuit guns, which are based on the Conevnant weapons will cost between £49.99 and £79.99 and appear later in the year.

The Covenant weapons provide  you with vibration, sound, light and even recoil to get you in the zone.  They mimic pretty much what the game weapons do.  

For instance; when you’re blasting away at your buddy’s laser target and the Plasma Rifle overheats the heat exchange flanges open from the side and you have to reload it to carry on.  Likewise the Plasma Pistol allows you to do a plasma burst as well as single shot mode. 

The best thing is that Corgi were flashing around the Covenant Energy Sword at the Toy Fair here in London.

The Energy Sword will come in two models, a display model that has electronic sounds and lights.  The other one will work with the Laser Pursuit system.  It will cost £79.99.


The shame is that you wont be able to get replicas based on what Master chief carries.   According to Corgi, its against the law to import anything that real looking in case you wanted to hold up a bank.  :0(