Oversized Knitted Furniture – Chunky Comfy

Phat_Knits_Dutch_designer_Bauke_Knottnerus3Phat Knits is the creation of Dutch designer  Bauke Knottnerus who must be a sight to see with a pair of needles.

Phat Knits is a series of fantastical over-sized furniture pieces, despite the fact that the designer claims that he doesn’t really see himself as a furniture designer.

“I’m more like a material designer,” he explains. “These things I make could end up as furniture or as textiles, it’s more like creating media that can be used to construct a coat or a carpet or a curtain.”

I just want to leap into the middle of all this knitted, woven and knotted display and build a nest amongst the crazy seating, rugs, and other soft looking multifunctional interior objects.

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