Overade Folding Bike Helmet – Compact Commutor Cyclists Rejoice

Overade folding bike helmetIt’s all well-and-good having a folding bike for the commute but you’re still lumbered with head-sized helmet. What if you had a fold-away lid?

It makes sense to wear a helmet when peddling about the highways and byways of this glorious island but, when you reach your destination, you are stuck with carting a helmet around with you.

You can either bring a large enough bag to sling it in, leave it on the table or desk where it will be taking up precious real estate, chain it to your bike and risk theft, or put it on the floor where it is at risk of being forgotten about.

Overade is the brainchild of French designers 360 Agency.

The Overade helmet looks like Iron Man’s casual-wear but will protect your noggin as much as a standard skull saver.

Granted, the Overade isn’t something you could shove in your pocket but it will slip in to a more manageable man-bag, briefcase or handbag.

The transforming helmet will go into production this year – hopefully the price will be as small as its folder form factor; doubtful but can but hope 😉

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