OVAL 2.0 the sensor that makes anything smart

OVAL 2.0 Gateway SensorOVAL Digital has announced its next generation smart sensor, OVAL 2.0.

OVAL 2.0 is a neat all-in-one home smart sensor that monitors and detects changes in motion, temperature, humidity, light and water. Once it has detected something it quickly sends an alert to a phone or email.

What I like about the OVAL sensor is that it can turn any ordinary object or area into a smart one.

OVAL 1.0, launched in early 2017 across 32 countries to great success. Now, CEO Mike Harry and his global team has decided to refine it and create OVAL 2.0 – an even smarter sensor.

OVAL 2.0 smart sensor

OVAL 2.0 window sensorOVAL can alert users if doors or windows have been opened, or if private or dangerous items are accessed. It can also detect if there is water leaking from pipes or failing appliances. Furthermore, it enables you to be able to monitor the temperature and humidity of an area.

OVAL 2.0 motion detectedHandy for everything from food and medicine storage, to keeping your plants and pets happy. It could also help you conserve energy and save money on heating and electric bills.

Plays smart with your assistants

OVAL 2.0 gatewayOVAL 2.0 not only has a new look, it’s been completely rebuilt. It can now connect to your favorite smart home products such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Ask Google what the temperature is in the baby’s room, or be notified by Alexa if there’s water in the basement. With IFTTT support, OVAL can connect to hundreds of other devices that provide home automation too.


A bonus for the likes of me who live in rented accommodation, OVAL doesn’t require any real installation. Additionally, it only takes minutes to set up.

OVAL 2.0 Gateway Sensor WaterDetectorThe sensors are small, wireless, and can attach to any object or area. The OVAL gateway is wireless and connects to a Wi-Fi network. The sensors can communicate with the gateway up to 150 ft away. To extend coverage even further, additional gateways can be connected. The lithium coin cell battery life in the senors should last around 6 months.

OVAL 2.0 Instant AlertsThe app includes features such as a real-time view of the sensors and analytics to help users identify trends. These can be used to improve behaviors to help increase safety, conserve energy and save money.


Mike Harry, CEO, OVAL Digital Inc, commented.

No two homes, or people, are alike, and OVAL was created with this in mind. After our initial release, we spent the year speaking to our customers all over the world, learning how they were using OVAL around the home and asking how we could improve our smart sensor to provide even more value to our customers. OVAL 2.0 is the result of both customer feedback and the latest technology available.”

Price and availability

You can pre-order from the OVAL 2.0 Kickstarter campaign page.

The retail price for an OVAL Smart Home (1 OVAL Gateway, 1 OVAL Sensor) is $269 USD. For the first day only, backers will be able to purchase the OVAL Smart Home for $99 USD. Second day price is $109 USD, and for the rest of the campaign it will be $119 USD. There are many other package offerings with additional savings in the Kickstarter campaign and OVAL will be offering a few surprise sales throughout.