Ouya boasts 500 games and counting [video]

OuyaOuya has announced that its Ouya games store now offers more than 500 game for players to choose from and has plenty of more games currently in development.

The Ouya console did well with its Kickstarter campaign as well as quickly selling out on Amazon.

Support continues to grow with an ever growing library of games available for Ouya.

Last month the Ouya team announced that they had created a new and updated controller for their games system and that a new Oyua External Storage feature is currently in development which will allow gamers to play and load games from external storage devices and USB drives.

The Ouya games console is priced at just £96.45 on Amazon and is powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor supported by 1GB of RAM and comes fitted with a generous 8GB of internal storage.

For a full list of all the game developers that are working up a sizable library for the open source gamer check out the Ouya announcement page.

Ouya originally listed known players such as Square Enix, Vevo and Onlive as development supporters but now that list is huge.

Check out the video below for an idea of what is now available.

[youtube id=”lc_SJ5de1zs”]

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