Oupio M illuminating hi-fi speaker

Oupio M animatedOupio M is the first product from the Oupio brand. It is both an intelligent lamp and a high fidelity speaker.

Convergence isn’t a new thing, just look at your smartphone. However, as many of us have limited space at home, it makes sense that merging compatible functionality within a device will reduce clutter.

Oupio says that sound and light are the two most important factors in defining the ambiance of a space. This was their starting point in merging the two into a single product.

This makes it ideal not only for bedrooms, conservatories, reading nooks, and the like, but also your main living room or dining room.

Oupio M


Oupio MLighting is very important for our health and wellbeing. However, we tend spend most of our lives indoors in spaces artificially lit. This removes us from our connection with the daylight cycle and thus negatively influences our circadian rhythm.

Oupio MWith Oupio M it offers the full spectrum of Human Centric Lighting, from the late sunset yellow (2700K) all the way to white light similar to the midday sun (6000K). This way, lighting respects and moulds to our native behaviour rather than the other way around.

Oupio M uses 20 high power LEDs that offer a peak intensity of 2000 lumen.

This enables you to dial in the lighting you require.


Oupio MNo ambience is complete without music. Instead of just making due with a single small noise generator, Oupio have equipped the M with a Woofer and full range driver with a peak power output of 50 Watts.

The drivers are Balance Mode Radiators developed by Tectonic Elements Ltd. We are told that these achieve a good balance between power and fidelity while offering an even distribution of the sound.

Due to this configuration, Oupio M can reach frequencies ranging from 65Hz to 20KHz at 90dB. This ensures that it can fill a medium to large room with warm, high fidelity tunes.


Oupio MThis is what struck me first. Constructed from glass, wood and metal, it certainly looks like a premium object.

The simple minimalist shape ensures it doesn’t compete for attention. Furthermore, it will fit well within any interior design.

Oupio can be used as a table or pendant lamp thus offering flexibility in terms of positioning in a indoor space.


Naturally, Oupio M can be controlled remotely via the Oupio App.

Through the app or the on-device touch interface, you can control the light intensity/colour and the sound.

Streaming is done via Bluetooth connection while grouping of multiple units is possible in low latency groups of up to 5.

Price and availability

Oupio MThe Oupio M is available in Oak, Ash and Cork finishes. Each one is currently $399 direct from the company’s website.

This introductory offer is for a limited time. Full RRP for the Oupio M is $499.