Otaku Can Peep At AR Alice

AR AliceLet me introduce you to the very cool (if not a little scary) world of Augmented reality (AR).

This is the combination of virtual worlds and reality and could lead to extremely useful applications in navigation systems, medicine, architecture and many other fields.

Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc. [JP] now found a way to help all single Otaku get one step closer to their dreams…………..

Their salvation from loneliness comes in the diminutive form of “Dennou Figure ARis”, or “Cyber Figure Alice” in English.

Buyers will receive the AR software, 2 cybersticks and 2 cybercubes.

Put one of the cubes in front of the computer, point a webcam at it and the screen will display a 3D image of Alice standing on top of the cube – all cute and innocent so far.

AR Alice - Touchy Peepy

Using the cyber sticks they can go on to “touch”, caress and (of course)  “peep” at their new girl friend. It is even possible to undress Alice and change her clothes………ah.  There goes the innocent bit then!

This will go on sale in Japan starting in the Autum.

Taking into consideration that there’s probably not a lot of dialogue to be translated, chances are that “Cyber Figure Alice” will be soon offered by American and European web shops that specialise in Otaku products as well.

Via CrunchGear