OS X Mavericks is free!

osx mavericksApple has announced that OS X Mavericks, the next version of its Macintosh operating system, will land today for free!

OS X 10.9 Mavericks will be available as a free Mac App Store download today.

Of course, there’s the usual promise of increased speed and efficiency but it will also dish out enhanced multiple-monitor support, big improvements to the Notification Center (which includes inline replies), an improved Finder, better power management, and improved performance in Safari.

Mavericks also includes a number of brand new features, including a new iCloud Keychain function to save passwords across iOS and Mac devices, new Mac apps for iBooks and Apple Maps, along with UI redesigns for a number of built-in applications.

The free update is available to everyone running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and above.

It’s worth noting that the discount doesn’t extend to OS X Server. The latest Server 3.0 requires Mavericks and will be available as a $19.99 upgrade from the Mac App Store

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