Origin Chronos small form gaming desktops pack a huge punch

origin chronos monsterIt’s getting to that time, every few years I look to upgrade or renew my PC. I’ve had gaming laptops before, but my computer for the last few years has been a big ol’ desktop built from what I could get from friends who upgrade more often than I. Now I’m looking for some new shiny and spotted that Origin has announced a new gaming PC that certainly punches above its size – the Chronos Desktop.

The new Origin Chronos may only be small but the range can accommodate NVIDIA graphics cards up to the GTX Titan Black. Now, that is an impressive video card in a full size system but shoe-horned into this mini-marvel of a machine will provide gaming prowess without consuming much space.

The Silverstone RVZ01 (pictured) measures (W) 15-inches x (H) 4.13-inches x (D) 13.77-inches and can be stood in vertical or horizontal orientations with the innards as customisable as you’d expect from a bespoke machine.

Origin aren’t pushing this as an official Steam Machine but the gaming console dimensions of this unit does fit the vibe.

“This is Origin PC’s smallest and thinnest Chronos desktop ever designed and yet it is relentlessly powerful!”

Says Kevin Wasielewski Origin PC CEO and co-founder.

“With so much power and performance inside a sleek and slim package, our new Chronos micro-tower is one of my favorite systems for any living room, bedroom, or office setting.”

chronos itx wideIt can be fitted with up to an Asus Mini ITX Maximus VI impact mainboard with CPUs being a choice of Intel Core i7 units.

The CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit) can be factory overclocked which means that you can squeeze more performance out of the chips right out of the box still with a full warranty.

Now, my main concern in potent gamers like this being shoved in tiny spaces is overheating.

Cooling in these are taken care of by a Frostbyte 120 sealed liquid cooling unit chilling the CPU. The small PC also has positive air pressure design for cooling and to keep dust out.

I’m thinking that we could well be seeing the absolute smallest possible cases without ruining the acoustics and effective air cooling at the moment.

Of course, tech is always changing and with the introduction of Nvidia’s power-sipping Maxwell chip and AMD’s integrated graphics solution (APUs similar to the ones inside Xbox One and PlayStation 4) housing more graphical processing power and taking up less space…. who knows?

Pricing for the Chronos desktop starts at $1199 and will go up significantly with the fancy graphics card and faster CPUs.

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