OrbLive = Free Streaming Television on iPhone

This has been around for a while but required you to JailBreak your iPhone.

But Orb has just gone official, with its own app for the handset finally getting the thumbs up from Apple.

In an announcement CEO Joe Costello said:

“We released a version of OrbLive in May, but this was before the Apple SDK and App store.  You had to Jailbreak your iPhone to use it, but we still got 300,000 downloads,” he explained.

“Now it is ready for prime time — all the capability and blessed by Apple.”

All you have to do is install a small piece of software on your Mac or PC, and then tap into it from your iPhone wherever you are.


Then all the media on your computer is instantly available, as well as live TV from any tuners you have installed.

Orb handles all the compression and file conversion on your home computer, so the iPhone doesn’t break a sweat trying to handle bulky files.

It gets even better…….

As well as dishing up live TV, radio and webcam feeds, it means the end of syncing your iPhone to tap into your media, since it’s all available over the network.

Best of all, Orb is free!

Download it direct from the App Store, and check out Orb’s website for more information.