Orb – A Ring That Transforms into a Real Bluetooth Headset

OrbThis is Orb.

It’s a fantastic looking ring that actually transforms into a rather cool Bluetooth headset.

Although this all looks like a concept and something more suited to the Sci-fi channel it’s an actual product coming to stores in 2010.

Developed through a partnership between Hybra Advance Technology Inc. and AbsolutelyNew Inc. the Orb will cater for the petite and stubby fingered alike through the availability of different ring sizes.

There will be three models of the class 2 Bluetooth Orb: A $130 basic model that should be hitting the states in January then a $175 Deluxe edition with a tiny FOLED display, and a limited edition with actual precious gems on it that should be out and about in April 2010.

Hat-tip to Gizmag

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