Orange Reveals Solar Powered Media Hub Tent For Glastonbury

orange-tentAs if festivals aren’t expensive enough Orange has just unveiled its latest hi-tech tent concept which will be showcased at the Glasto mud-fest this weekend.

The mobile company has had a number of Glasto concepts and now it’s the time of the solar tent.

It’s all been stiched up with “Photovoltaic fabric” which means that specially coated solar threads can be woven into natural materials – so no more fixed, bulky solar panels.

This canvas home sports three lightweight solar panels which sit in a moveable shell for mobile solar vampirism.

But that’s not all – this hi-tech pod also packs “Glo-cation” technology, enabling festival goers to find their pad using SMS or RFID to trigger a glow when you got near. This is all you’d need after a full day of drinking and taking……. in the sites of the summer fest – a field of glowing tents!!!

If that isn’t enough you’d also get a wireless control hub to provide WiFi, wireless charging, and a touchscreen LCD display, while a next-gen groundsheet provides thermostatically controlled warmth for your sleep-deprived self.

I’m just hoping that a high-tech security system comes as standard with this high-tech nomadic dwelling.

Let’s face it – There’s always someone willing to remove you of your gadgety loveliness 🙁



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