Optimus Pultius – Maximus’s Little Offshoot

Optimus PultiusNow, I know what you’re thinking and so does Art Lebedev.

Art Lebedev’s Maximus wasn’t enough for all you lovers of OLED keyboards so they is busting out the new Optimus Pultius innit; adding another 15 keys to the joy – alternatively you can use it all by itself. 

The keys are just like the ones on the Maximus, and there’s even an extra USB port in the back.

Hmmm……….that usb port…….you know what you could do with that?  Oh yeah – link more Pultii (perhaps that’s the plural; I don’t know) together!

No word on price or release date just the vagueness of a 2008/2009 point.

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