Optimus Popularis – Latest, Flattest Keyboard from Art Lebedev

We all fell in love with the Optimus Maximus keyboard and its little sidekick, Pultius didn’t we?

Rumours of a new Art Lebedev keyboard were bandied about last month and it’s name is: Optimus Popularis.

It has had a redesign since and, instead of a bank of OLEDs, it now features a dedicated LED display bar.

The keys are, of course, totally customisable and the new-look board should be cheaper to produce.

It seems that team Optimus are more bothered that they’ve managed to make the keyboard flatter, the keys rounder, and the displays higher-resolution (now 64×64px).

Word is that the Optimus Popularis should be out at the end of the year and cost around $1,000 – no, me either 😉


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