Oppo PM-3 planar magnetic portable headphones

oppo pm-3 planar magnetic headphones wearingOppo has just followed up on their amazing PM-1 and PM-2 headphones with some more portable and more wallet-friendly cans cleverly named PM-3.

These new closed-back planar magnetic hephones are meant for audiophiles on the go.

The PM-3 headphones are much more the size of traditional closed-backed over-ear headphones. This was made possible thanks to Oppo utilising a smaller driver than in the open-backed PM1 or PM2. Also, the driver is round rather than cylindrical. Another concession to portability is that, for planar-magnetic cans, the Oppo PM-3 weigh a featherweight 320g (it’s all relative, right?).

The tuning of the new headphones is mostly flat with a slight bump in the bass and treble to create what Oppo called a more “exciting” sound. In other words, this should make them appeal more to the ‘average’ consumer.

That being said, the boost is very small and I am sure that it will be just enough to cut through the background noise on the commute.

Naturally, for headphones on the go, the PM-3 doesn’t require a headphone amp and the audio port in your favorite device is more than enough to get adequate volume.

oppo pm-3 planar magnetic headphonesThe PM-3 is shipped with a 3 metre main cable and a 1.2 metre portable cable. Users can choose the best suitable cable for their mobile devices. This also includes a cable with mic and controls for Apple devices, one with mic and button for Android and Windows phones, and one without mic.

You have a choice between white and black finishes and fold flat to be packed in the supplied selvedge denim carrying case.

The Oppo PM-3 costs £349. I will let you know if I can get ears on with these for a full review.