OpenClip Brings Full Copy and Paste to iPhone

At last, you’ll be able to copy and paste on your iPhone between applications!

Apple still has it on the back-burner so it’s been left to MagicPad developer Zac White.

Grinning Cali Lewis, presenter over at GeekBrief, got first dibs on his new OpenClip open-source framework, which will enable any developer to implement copy and paste between applications without violating Apple’s developer agreement.

Applications that use the OpenClic (non-profit and fully open source) framework will be able to copy any kind of information into a common pasteboard, as well as reading from it.

The framework is pretty clever too: If you copy styled text or HTML text, it will respect the format you used, but, obviously, only if the application in which you are pasting supports it.

In Cali’s example, the HTML snippet in the pasteboard gets copied with full HTML support to the WordPress application, but only as normal, clean text with no formatting into MagicPad.

At the moment there are only a hand full of apps using the open standard.

Watch the full report and the ever-smiling Cali at GeekBrief.