Open Source Stomp Box Effects Pedal For Geeky Guitarists – Coyote-1

Now here’s a thing.

To get your own custom effects pedal can be a little on the expensive side – so why not do a Brian May and build your own?

The OpenStomp Coyote-1, whilst still in the prototype phase, seems a pretty well thought-out open source guitar effects module.

It has a Parallax Propeller 8-core processor running at 80MHz that can even generate basic video. 

A companion Windows application (OpenStompTM Workbench) allows users to combine effects into patches graphically, and to move patches and effects between the Coyote-1 device and their PC’s disk.

Combined with a 44kHz 24-bit sampler, two foot switches, and a two-line LCD screen for feedback it’s like a mini diy POD or similar.

The main brain behind it, Eric moyer, says he wants the pedal to serve as an “audio sandbox” with totally open-source software and fully documented hardware.

Although some feedback is anti the Windows requirement I’m going to keep an eye on how this goes forward for the future.

Via Make

OpenStomp Site