Online Gaming Can Kill

FNCFoxNews is ramming the fact that online gaming can lead to death and other nastiness. 

The report picks out a few extreme cases where people who met via online worlds ended up doing something bad so therefore games such as World of Warcraft should be banned. 

There’s a very halfhearted attempt to give ‘the otherside’ of the ‘debate’ but that’s quickly made to look irrelevant.  To be honest, we’ve heard similar things throughout the ages from looking directly at the moon will make you mad, listening to Black Sabbath means you’re a Satanist and Rap makes you automatically up for a drive-by and doing other things will make you go blind.  

As in most articles like this there is little in the way of real proof to substantiate the report. 

In fact online gaming and their worlds have become more popular whilst violent crime has actually been in a decline.  Hmmmm…..

Click the link to read the damning report.