Onkyo’s New Amps and CD Player Have Love for The 80s

I am not ashamed (although some may think that I should be) to admit that I like a great deal of what the 80s brought us style-wise.

Whilst it’s not to everyone’s taste at least it appears that Onkyo is in agreement with me.

Just have a gander at what they’ve brought to CES 2011.

They’re feeling so much love for the 80s it’s as though ET, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and Beverly Hills Cop are all box-fresh 🙂

The new range comprises of the P-3000R pre-amplifier, M-5000R power amp, and C-7000R CD player.

The outsides may well sit nicely in Patrick Bateman’s apartment but the internals are all bang-up-to-date-nowness!

The P-3000R pre-amp is equipped with both analogue and digital inputs, including a USB input. It all then gets a bit audiophile with talk of a 32-bit Burr-Brown DAC along with a PLL which everyone should have by the sounds of things. Bi-amping I can understand and is a must to get decent frequency separation and the P-3000R has it.

The C-7000R CD player gets its geek on with “a thermally regulated, high-precision clock with a state-of-the-art crystal oscillator” and “a silent disc mechanism, a solid die-cast aluminum tray, and AES/EBU digital outputs”. I reckon it’ll spin your discs just fine and pick up all that digitised audio pretty well 😉

Last but by no means least is that sexy needle-faced M-5000R Power Amp. At its heart is Onkyo’s AWRAT amp with DIDRC technology with a low NFB design and closed ground-loops. Yeah, shrugging shoulders here too. There’s an 8-ohm FTV rating at 80 watts, but can drive speakers that have over a 450 watt @ 1 ohm rating – so there!

If all that audio-porn has got you all hot and bothered then better check that bank balance of yours. All that modern hi-fi tech dressed in shoulder pads and rolled-up jacket sleeves comes at a price.

Look to be handing over $1,699 for the pre-amp, $1,499 for the CD-player, and $2,499 for the power amp.

Righty – I’m off to watch Back to the Future!

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