Onkyo VC-NX01 neck speaker – MWC 2018

Onkyo VC-NX01Taking time out from mobile handsets for a moment, I dropped in on Onkyo to check out a couple of their new things, one being the VC-NX01 “neck speaker”.

Yes, there are a lot of phones to see at Mobile World Congress, however, this year was the first time Onkyo has rocked up to the Barcelona tech fest.

One of the devices (there were a few interesting ones) on display was the Onkyo VC-NX01 wearable speaker.

Onkyo VC-NX01

Onkyo VC-NX01Although not ready for retail, It is always worth seeing where brands are heading.

Onkyo had this prototype device on their stand I thought it interesting enough to learn a little more about it.

Onkyo VC-NX01The device is designed to be worn around the neck, and integrates several leading technologies. Furthermore,  it promises to be a truly hands-free device that will be the perfect method of accessing on-the-go ‘concierge’ services.

Onkyo VC-NX01One of the most impressive features of this device is that it automatically activates when placed around your neck.

Onkyo VC-NX01Also, it instantly compensates for ambient sounds (such as passing traffic) while fully supporting the ‘Onkyo AI’ functionality.

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Onkyo AI

Onkyo AI is a proprietary voice-enabled AI system. It has been created from the development and integration of several currently available AI-related technologies.

Besides answering questions and playing music – core abilities for conventional smart speakers – the Onkyo AI system also offers several other capabilities:-


This proprietary AI can be customised with a host of useful features to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Service/App coordination

Onkyo’s AI considers the time, geographic location and user characteristics before deciding which of various available services it should offer. Additionally, it does this in conjunction with the recommended application tailored to the situation.

Voice options

‘Onkyo Voice’ allows the user to select their own preferred assistant’s voice.

Price and availability

Everything is TBC at the moment. I am looking forward to seeing if this makes it through to production. If it does, expect a full review!