Onkyo Smart Speaker P3 launched with Alexa skills – IFA 2017

onkyo smart speaker p3 VC-PX30Onkyo has announced their new Smart Speaker P3 (VC-PX30). This “lifestyle concierge speaker” packs Amazon Alexa.

The Smart Speaker P3 not only produces music with immersive hi-fi sound, it also provides information, entertainment, and the ability to control selected smart devices by voice thanks to Alexa integration.

You will, no doubt, already be aware of what Alexa can do. IF you’re not, Alexa can answer questions and deliver information. I use it to read the news for outlets I have chosen, get tube and weather reports as well as contoling smart plugs and lights.

Smart Speaker P3

Onkyo’s Smart Speaker P3 is amongst the first smart speakers to add support for DTS Play-Fi technology via the free companion Onkyo Music Control App.

DTS Play-Fi allows high-quality music transmission from connected services such as Amazon Music, TIDAL, Deezer, and TuneIn, as well as connected media servers and the mobile device library, to any number of compatible products.

Onkyo Smart Speaker P3Music selection is also easy thanks to the Onkyo Music Control App.

When compatible Play-Fi products are grouped using the app, Smart Speaker P3 plays music to the group simultaneously.

Each member of the family can also use their smartphone or tablet to listen to music in their own room or groups of rooms.

Furthermore, users can control the DTS Play-Fi system using the Apple Watch or Android Wear. For more information on DTS Play-Fi, visit www.play-fi.com.


The Smart Speaker P3 features dual full-range drivers, dual passive bass radiators, and efficient DSP switching amplification. This should all add-up to producing richness and body to voice and music.

An auxiliary input is included to enable media player, phone, and tablet connection to expand available sources of entertainment.

Finally, the line output can revitalise a legacy stereo system by adding voice-controlled audio to the room.

Price and availability

The Onkyo Smart Speaker P3 will be available in October. Pricing yet to be confirmed.

For more information head on over to http://www.uk.onkyo.com/en/