OnePlus 2 smartphone on its way – also a smartwatch?

OnePlus OneAlmost six months down the line and you still can’t buy the OnePlus One without securing an invitation first – but it looks like the company is preparing to launch a new phone sometime next year.

I’ve entered sweepstakes for the chance to join the queue in order to buy the flagship killing smartphone but I might as well cool my jets as the Chinese-phone maker has confirmed that it will indeed be launching its follow-up phone next year.

The news came during a Reddit AMA interview on Monday, where they promised that the OnePlus 2 will launch in either Q2 or Q3 of 2015 running a modified version of Android L.

Other details were left a bit sketchy, however, OnePlus did reveal that it’s considering a smaller device compared the 5.5-inch phone it released earlier this year.

OnePlus says it hopes to bring voice activation to its flagship phone in the near future with a software update. Regarding the OnePlus 2, the company hinted that it’s considering adding a microSD slot, but also said it’s not interested in wireless charging at the moment.

What really piqued my interest is that OnePlus is looking at other tech, beyond smartphones.

Could this mean that a OnePlus wearable or tablet could be on the cards?

Well, the company has said that it’s not too impressed by any smartwatch currently on the market, so maybe we’ll see a OnePlus Watch launch next year as well.