Onei Solutions Brings the Evesham Soundstage to the Credit Crunched

tvstandspeakers1Not everyone likes seeing a bunch of speakers surrounding the room like armed guards.

Even those tiny ones can still be thwarted by renegade pets and/or kids!

But whack a bunch of speakers into your TV stand and then job’s a good un as they say!

This new solution by Onei…errr..Solutions certainly looks the part.

It’s not exactly gonna rock your world, but you will get 15W of power from each speaker, along with a couple of HDMI inputs, a HDMI Output, a couple of Optical Digital Audio Ins, a built-in VFD screen, removable speaker covers and a full-function remote control!

You may note the lack of woofer………… floor rumblers here I’m afraid.

You can sling on any TV that’s up to 50 inches!

Now, there is an alternative by Evesham and it goes by the name of Sound Stage X1 but this baby will cost a heck of a lot less!

You can go and get one now for £385.98 from Dabs