One Has a New Website – Check out the Royal Family


We know how the Queen loves her tech.

Now Queen Betty has revamped her home page……errr…..Palace Page, Castle Page….?

Her Royalness hasn’t started to blog, post Twitter updates or released her IM ident yet so no web camming for the time being but her new site is up and running (although it’s blocked at my place of work – odd).

What the site does have is plenty of history, information and family footage.

That includes audio and video footage (including the Queen’s coronation in 1953), historical documents, background info on almost all her family members plus upcoming engagements.

As this is the year of tracking everyone you can even keep tabs on the Queen via Google Maps when she’s out and about on official business. Not sure if she’s been tagged.

If you prefer your Royals on all-fours you can get the inside scoop on the royal pets and working animals.

If you want to get a bit closer to Their Maj’s Liz and Phil you can even check the list of jobs currently available in the royal hood.

Check out the new Royal Family website now via the link below.

The Official Website of the British Monarchy