ON VoiceFeed for iPhone – Record or Type Personalised Voicemail Greetings for Different Groups

Here’s a natty thing to make your voicemail a bit more sparky!

ON Voicefeed, a new iPhone app which has been launched today, lets you create personalised greetings for all your contacts – and more!

ON VoiceFeed is a smart visual voicemail app for iPhone and it allows you to customise different voicemail greetings and messages for different groups of people – so colleagues will get a different message to your family and you can tailor a different voicemail message for your friends and bandmates – whoever.

ON Voicefeed has a pretty intuitive user interface so adding a bunch of people to a group is as easy as dragging them on the specific “world” in the ON VoiceFeed mobile address book.

If you’re not comfortable with recording your own voice, or you’re somewhere too noisy or not able to speak at a decent volume, you can simply type your message and ON VoiceFeed will use a ‘generic’ voice which you can select from a list. This opens up the possibility of purchasing ‘celebrity’ voices – Brian Blessed will HAVE to be an option!

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Listen to your voicemails in one click: As soon as you have a new voicemail, you can listen to it within the app – and you can skip straight to the important messages
  • Tailor your greetings to specific callers or even groups: Why should your partner be greeted with the same boring “Hi, you are on Jay’s voicemail etc..”?
  • Type your greeting message if you’re too busy to record it: On Voicefeed will get to work and create the greeting for you
  • Use “tags” if you’re too lazy to customise your typed message: Simply type “Hi & firstname” and your caller will hear “Hi John…” etc.

ON is free and available on all networks in the UK, in France and really soon in the US – you can download it here.

There will be a sweepstake for iTunes vouchers posted here later today!  Remember to come back and check 😉

Check out the video below and the screenshots in the gallery 🙂

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